Twitter Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags to Market Your Brand

One of the iconic feature Twitter is the hashtag. This is because Twitter was the first social media platform to come up with this feature. Currently, almost all major social media platforms are using it. Do not be surprised to see hashtags on the blogs even billboards.

A hashtag is a major marketing tool that a business can use to market itself. However, this only applies when used appropriately. This is because some major brands have flopped badly just because they did some miscalculations when using this feature. Here are some smart strategies that can help you use Twitter hashtag to deliver results.

How to Use Twitter Hashtags

1. Trending Hashtags

A majority of Twitter users check on the trending hashtags to see the hottest topics that people are discussing. If your brand name happens to be among these hashtags, then you can be sure of enjoying a wide exposure.

Unlike other platforms, Twitter has a specific space where the list of trending hashtags is displayed. A particular hashtag can stay on this list for some seconds, hours or even a full day Once you see a trending topic that is somehow related to your brand, create a tweet then add the hashtag.

2. Connect with influencers

Most hashtags trend not because many people are discussing the topic. Some influential people are behind them. These are people who have many followers on Twitter or are just celebrities. Contact influencers who are somehow connected to your brand then discuss on how they can help your brand

You don’t have to call them and beg for their assistance. Just do some unique act then ask them to tweet about it. Let it happen organically.

3. Finding the Trending Hashtags

Finding a trending hashtag isn’t a complicated process. You can customize your search basing on the subjects and you will be able to find some hashtags that are directly related to your brand or products. You can also use some tools such as Hashtagfy and Bluenod to see the trending topics. It is also possible to create your unique hashtag

4. Engage with users through chats

Twitter has a chat feature which makes it possible for brands to engage with Twitter users directly. Trough the conversations, the participants will be tweeting using your hashtag. You can also host live video session and use a unique hashtag to promote it.

5. Tweet constantly but don’t overdo it

In order to be visible in particular hashtag, you need to tweet frequently. This will make your brand name to be dominant or appear frequently and people including those who don’t know you will be eager to see what you do.

However, be careful not to overuse Twitter hashtags. Users may find you boring or even view you as a nuisance. Also, take your time to scrutinize each trending hashtag before using it. Some hashtags may be similar but convey different messages. Although Twitter has increased the maximum number of characters to 280, still remember to keep your hashtag short.

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