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Jarvee is a social media marketing and automation tool that allows you to manage various social media accounts from one easy to use panel (software). The tool is able to automate all actions on your Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter accounts and according to founders, there are some more to come. If you have an email list or internet marketing website, you can earn decent amount of money by promoting Jarvee software on your site or by sending email blasts to your subscribers.

Jarvee affiliate marketing program gives you 50% commission for every new customer that you bring. The best of all, you get 50% of all recurring payments from customers that you brought for next 6 months so earning potential is huge.

All your commissions are tracked by the use of your referral link and paid to your Paypal account.

How do you join the Jarvee affiliate program?

You can join by creating an affiliate account on Jarvee website affiliate page. After joining, you will get an affiliate link that you can use to promote the tool. Promotion is easy as posting your link to your social profiles, pages, as a banner on your blog or adding it somewhere in one of your articles assuming you have a blog. Once a visitor clicks on the link, cookie is placed on visitors computer which shows that you referred the customer.

How and when do you get paid?

You get 50 percent of all sales made by the clients you referred to the website. Payments are made at the beginning of every month and they are NET 30. The software is subscription-based product where customers pay every month so referring just one client can bring you significant revenue depending on what plan the client bought.

Jarvee offers 3 different plans for its customers: Starter, Professional and Premium. Check the table below to get an idea how much you could earn as Jarvee affiliate. Commissions are based assuming that client/s you brought keep/s using Jarvee for 6 months.

Jarvee Affiliate Program

*Commission is calculated for the whole 6 months period.
**Small paypal fees that were not taken into account will make the actual sum slightly lower but not by much.

Since Jarvee is one of the most popular automation tools at the moment, you probably won’t have hard time promoting the software. According to well known Internet Marketing forum – BlackHatWorld – it’s one of the best tools for social media automation. These days when social networks are getting harder to exploit, software like this is highly wanted by most of internet marketers, business owners, website owners but also ordinary individuals that just want to grow their social accounts.

So, take advantage of this  while not many marketers do not and before it becomes saturated. Since you’re going to be an affiliate, you should at least try out Jarvee yourself so you can actually know what are you recommending to your website visitors/email subscribers or followers on your social media profiles. To try the tool for 5 days free, simply go here: Get Jarvee – 5 Days Free Trial and sign up.

Happy earnings!

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