How I turned $20 and 1 hour of my time into $190

As promised on my Facebook profile and page, today I’ll publish a post about how I turned $20 and 1 hour of my time into $190, so here we go.

Those $190 came in period of 5 days, but I only invested 1 hour to create a product that brought me $170 ROI. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the first method that I’ve been using to earn my first couple of 1000’s online was CPA marketing + Social Networks. Therefore, I decided to pass my knowledge on how to make money online with CPA offers into a short e-book.

Since I already knew all necessary steps for successful promotion CPA offers on FB and IG, I was able to write the ebook in “one breath”, so it took me about an hour to do so.

So, the easiest way to make money is to solve people’s problems and charge them for that, right? That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Since a lot of beginners in CPA did not have idea where and how to start, I explained everything step by step in my e-book and put a price tag of only $6.97. As you can see, I didn’t charge much. If I put the $50 price tag, couple of people would buy it, some would ask for refund, because that’s how it works with e-books – they get it and simply file Paypal dispute. $6.97 isn’t worth filing dispute and everyone will, even if they don’t like the product or do not earn with it, just let it go. To be clear, e-book was short, simple, straight to the point and if they would follow all steps that I have described there, they would get their initial investment in couple of hours.

Now, you must be wondering where I promoted such product. Answer is simple: Warrior Forum marketplace. This forum is flooded of beginners in Online Marketing and a lot of marketers sell their products there. The problem is, the most of the products aren’t really good, just empty talk without exact method and you’ll rarely find a method (product) that works as described.

In my case it was completely different, so I’ll post one of the reviews here:

The “WSO” meaning is Warrior Special Offer, that’s how the products sold there are called.

So, that’s what I did, I provided straightforward and short e-book that solved problems for beginners in CPA marketing. I like them short and I always try to make things simple.

How can you benefit from this?

Now, you must be wondering how you can ? Since you are already here and reading about making money online, you probably know a thing or two about digital marketing or social media marketing. Simply pass that knowledge into an e-book, make decent sales page and post it on Warrior Forum. Posting sales thread there costs $20 but it’s worth it as you can see from my case. And this was the first and only product that I published there and sold 27 copies. Now, to scale it up, I could write 10’s of e-books and sell them there, but it would take a lot of my time to handle all customers because they do ask a lot of questions even if you explain everything step by step.

If you are lacking writing skills or writing in English represents you a problem, you can even outsource writing on iWriter website. It’s additional cost but the e-book will be written by professional and it won’t cost you a lot. 2000-3000 words e-book shouldn’t cost more than $20-30.

That would be it. As I said, I love it short and simple, so this guide was same.

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Happy earnings!

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