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Although Instagram and Facebook are currently most popular networks among marketers, Pinterest also deserves your attention and if you are not taking advantage of it already, you should start immediately since there’s a lot of money to be made from Pinterest and a lot of traffic to drive to your website.

In case you didn’t know, Pinterested is imaged focused social network, its users are mostly females, About 70% of users are from USA and they are used to spend money online, so it’s a great platform to use in case you have e-commerce site.

It also works very well for food, health, fitness and DIY bloggers who are monetizing their traffic with Google Adsense ads and that’s exactly what I have been doing on this platform so in next couple of paragraph I’ll explain how to start with it, get followers, join group boards, but also reveal some of black hat methods that will help you get a lot more traffic than you would get if doing everything by the rule. So let’s start.

Creating Pinterest profiles

My way of doing Pinterest marketing is always the same: Create two profiles – one business and one personal for each blog/website that I have. But let’s say I have only one website at the moment monetized with Google adsense.

Pinterest Business profile – I usually give it a name related to my website’s domain and add my domain to profile. Verify I’m the website’s owner and start creating boards. Let’s say my blog is about health and I have various categories there. In this case I will create a Pinterest board for each of my categories on website, for example: Acne Cures, Lose Weight, Diabetes Remedies, Natural Remedies and so on, you get the point. Of course, you can be more creative and come up with more eye-catching board names.  We need a t least 6-7 boards for our profile so it doesn’t look empty and we also need to add description. All of this can be done in 10-15 minutes, so don’t worry, it won’t take a lot of your time.

Personal Pinterest profile – This profile should have your personal name (or some fake name, it’s up to you, maybe you want your to keep your privacy for yourself). Procedure is the same, create boards with similar name to boards on your business profile, but create couple of extra boards too where you will pin pins of other Pinterest users. I’ll explain later why.

So we have 2 profiles now and we’re ready to start.

Starting out

First, we need to populate boards (add couple of pins to each of them), to make sure our profiles look complete. This should be done on both profiles. We won’t use our pins here, we’ll simply repin pins of others, because there’s no point in pinning our own pins since nobody is following us (yet).

After we have 4-5 pins on each board on both profiles, we’ll start getting followers. As with Instagram and Twitter, easiest way to get followers is to use Follow/Unfollow method. We’re just starting out so this is a must. We can’t wait for people to simply find us and we need to draw attention to our profile somehow. Pinterest is pretty relaxed about this, it will let you follow about 1000 users per day, but it’s better to start with lower number, about 200-300 with each of the profiles we created. Of course, don’t follow 300 users in one breath. You’ll need to spread it out throughout the day. If you wonder who will you follow, that’s simple. Find big accounts in your niche and follow their followers. Make sure you follow personal profiles, not business profiles since we need real users not companies to follow us. Companies won’t visit our websites, they won’t click on ads and spend money in case you are running e-commerce store or affiliate website.

In addition to following users, you can also re-pin their pins. This flatters them a lot and they appreciate it, so, most likely, you’ll get a follow back from personal profiles whose pins you have re-pinned.

When you get first 100 followers. Start pinning your own pics – pics from your website/blog to your business profile. You can even use Canva (free) or even better – Stencil (paid but much better than Canva) to create eye catching images and pin them to your boards. Images should always be higher than wider in order to get better CTR (click-through rate).

In meantime, search for Pinterest Group boards in your niche and ask boards owner or contributors by using your personal profile to add you there, so you can pin too. These boards usually have 1000’s or 10 000’s of followers and bring a lot of traffic. When they add you to their boards, you will re-pin pins from your business profile to these group boards by using personal profile. This should bring you decent amount of traffic, couple of 100’s of visitors per day in the beginning. As you grow and more people re-pins your pins, you’ll get more traffic.

What you should take into consideration is that Pinterest doesn’t like if you pin or repin pins from only one domain. Therefore, mix it up, repin interesting pins of other users too. Always pin more other pins than yours, ratio 3:1 is ideal. Example: on every 15 pins from other websites, pin 5 pins from your website.

That would be a white hat part. If you don’t want to get even more traffic, then please stop reading here.

Getting even more traffic with Pinterest by using multiple profiles and automation (bot)

If you don’t mind throwing in some black hat strategies, then keep reading.

This includes creating many more personal Pinterest profiles, 10 at least. If you can do more, that’s even better, I personally use 40+. These personal profiles should look real, have nice female profile pic, description, but don’t add website in website field. We don’t want any footprints. 4-6 boards on each profile will be enough. Of course, some should be related to your website’s niche. Boards should also be populated with pins, so everything looks legit.

We’ll use these profiles to fool Pinterest algo and make our pin look popular so it shows up on top of Pinterest search results and hits the popular pins section for specific categories.

Now, when we have 10 or more profiles ready, we’ll do tiered pinning. This means we’ll repin our pins from group boards to our 10+ profiles so it looks like pin is popular. The rule 3:1 should also be respected here to avoid spam filters. So, on every 5 of your pins, re-pin 15 from other sites. Here’s how tiered pinning scheme looks, so you get better idea what to do:

OK. So we covered almost everything except how to manage all those accounts easily and how to get invites to group boards.

Managing Multiple Pinterest Accounts

For managing accounts, I’d recommend you to use JARVEE – Social Media Automation tool for Pinterest. To run all accounts, you’ll also need private proxies. Don’t use more than 4 accounts per proxy in order to stay safe, although I sometimes risk and use even 5 or 6. JARVEE can do all repinning for you on auto, follow users on auto in order to get new followers, comment on posts on auto and much more, so I really highly recommend this tool, there’s a 5 days free trial too, you can start it here.

Getting Invites to Pinterest Group Boards

This is a harder part. Board owners are pretty cautious when sending invitations to their boards since a lot of users are trying to spam boards with non-relevant content. However, when you find group board, check owner’s profile, and post comment on their latest pin. You can nicely ask them to send you invite since you like their board and want to contribute there.

In case that you don’t want to go through all of this, you can always buy group boards invites.


Get Pinterest Group Board Invites


For the end, here’s what promoting your blog/website on Pinterest by using group boards can do for your Adsense earning, so don’t hesitate to start as soon as possible.


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