Method: Make Money with CPA and Social Media

Over the years, you all heard about incredible earnings marketers make by promoting various CPA offers. Now, I’m here to tell you what exactly you can promote to get amazing conversion rate and where exactly to promote these offers so you don’t waste your time and traffic anymore.

This guide won’t be a long one, it’s a short guide and straight to the point. If you apply all steps I’m going to present, you should start seeing first earnings in first couple of days. Later, when you decide what works best for you, you will of course, scale up the offer and earn even more.

We’ll focus on promoting Non Incentive CPA offers on Social Media Networks.

Why CPA and Social Media Networks?

Simply because this can bring you instant results. If you go SEO route, it can take weeks maybe even months to see first clicks on your offer and first money rolling in. With promotion on Social networks, let’s take Facebook for example, you will be able to get traffic instantly, as soon as you start promoting the offer.

What Are Non Incentive CPA offers and why Non Incentive CPA offers?

Non Incentive CPA offers are actually direct offers. They usually pay more since visitors that came there came strictly for that offer and not for some crack/hack or fake gift card which CPA marketers usually promote. These offers have better conversion rate and better payout, advertisers pay more since they are sure the visitors completed the offer because they are actually interested in the offer, not the reward they get after they complete one of the offers from content locker (read: fake game hacks, cracks, PS4 or XBox gift cards).

The best of all, by promoting Non Incentive CPA offers, you actually aren’t cheating people which is the case with locking the fake content. They come for the specific offer, they get what they came for, you get commission, advertiser gets lead, so everyone’s happy and you don’t have to feel bad about and worry about bad karma.

Now when we cleared that up, let’s start with how to choose a right offer. Actually, I won’t just show you how to choose the offer, I will reveal you what non incentive offers exactly work best in Non incentive CPA industry and on what CPA networks you actually should look for them.

Choosing the right CPA offer to promote

Finding right Non Incentive CPA offer can be a hard task. You need to find something that people are passionate about. That’s easy when you are promoting fake stuff, since you just made up anything you want and put content locker over it. In this case, when you want to offer them the real deal, it can really be a hard task to find right offer, something that users will be passionate about enough to complete it (fill their name, address, email, complete a specific task in some cases).

These offers can’t be something like “Get Free $10 Starbucks Gift Card” non incentive offer, but you will find these type of offers on various CPA networks. Simply forget about them, nobody will complete a survey and give personal info for a free coffee. It has to be something expensive and something that they are really passionate about. So, ask yourself, would you complete annoying offer for free cup of coffee or hot dog? Of course not, neither would I.

But would you complete the offer, give your personal info for an expensive NFL/NBA Jersey of the team that you are supporting since you were a kid? A jersey that is worth $100-$300? Of course you would, I would do that to. That’s the type of the offers we’re going to chase and promote.

Three Specific Non Incentive CPA offers that work

1.Free NFL Jersey Offer

First offer I’m going to present you is “Get Free NFL Jersey Offer”. People are passionate about NFL Football, they love their teams, favorite players, all supporters want jerseys of their heroes, but genuine jerseys cost $300 and more. So, this offer has both things we’re looking for: passion and value.

“Get free NFL Jersey” offers are available on PeerFly and Adworkmedia CPA Networks, but you can probably find them on others too. I prefer these two since they are reliable networks, they have good reputation and if you check their reviews, you will see nothing but good stories about them. Of course, there’s always couple of bad reviews, but those are usually written by people who tried to scam CPA networks and got banned. Although I have listed two networks here, I have to admit that my favorite one is Adworkmedia.

These offers are country targeted – USA only, but that shouldn’t discourage you since it’s incredible easy to promote them on Instagram and Facebook, reason for that is that there’s not much people outside of USA that are passionate about NFL.

How to promote the free NFL Jersey CPA offer?

This offer works best on Instagram. So, we’ll need couple of Instagram accounts. Ideally 5-10 to start with. Profiles’ usernames should be related to your niche, in this case NFL jerseys, so you can name profiles something like: @freenfljerseys, @getfreejersey, @getnfljersey4free and so on, you get the point. Fill the profile, add nice profile pic and bio. In bio, you should write something like: “Limited Time Giveaway: Get your favorite player’s NFL Jersey absolutely free – click link below”. Post couple of NFL pics on your profile and you’re good to go. We can start promoting now.

Promotion is pretty simple. Each and every NFL team has Insagram profile. Since NFL is popular only in USA, most of the followers are USA based. So our NFL jersey offer will work fine with this audience. What you need to do is find those profiles and follow their followers, but also people who commented and liked their pics. When you follow users, they get notification, check your profile, see your bio and of course, click on your link in order to get free jersey of their favorite team. When they complete the offer, you get commission.

Along with following followers of NFL teams, you can also like their pics, to get even more attention. Avoid leaving comments, that could cause users to report you.

Now, the problem is, how to run 5,10 or 50 Instagram accounts? It can be done manually, sure, but it will take you all day. I prefer using Instagram bot that will do all the work for me so I can enjoy doing something else.

Currently, the best bot out there that does all these tasks (following, liking) on auto is JARVEE – Social Media Assistant. Some prefer to call it a bot, but I prefer to call it assistant that doesn’t take breaks, vacation days or sick leave. So, if you want to automate stuff and save a lot of time, make sure you get it.

To check all JARVEE’s Instagram Features and get 5 days free trial – click here.

Let’s go to next offer.

2. $250 Grocery Gift Card Offer

Another Non Incentive, country specific offer that converts great, especially for female audience. The offer is available on Adworkmedia and targeted country is USA.

You might wonder how to reach females that are from USA on Facebook without spending on Facebook ads. It sounds like a hard task, but actually, it’s pretty simple. Keep reading below to find out.

There’s a big audience hiding in Food recipes Facebook groups. 90% members of these groups are females. They like to cook and are usually really passionate about it, so obviously, they have to go to grocery shopping. Now, who wouldn’t like $250 worth of groceries? Maybe you wouldn’t, but these women surely would.

So, to find these groups all you need to do is use Facebook search and search for USA State + recipes. For example: Alabama Food recipes, Texas Food Recipes, Nevada Food recipes…

After joining these groups, you can start posting your links. Of course, don’t do direct linking, use pre lander since Facebook won’t let you to post direct link to your CPA offer.

To keep your accounts safe, don’t post to more than 20-30 groups per day per one Facebook account. Spread posting throughout the day and make sure you do other actions too in order to make your accounts look natural. I’m saying all this assuming you’ll use multiple profiles in order to reach more audience (post to more groups).

Once again, for profile management, you can use  JARVEE – Social Media Assistant.

To check all JARVEE’s Facebook Features and get 5 days free trial – click here.

3. $1000 Walmart Gift Card Offer

This offer is tempting because of $1000 tag on it. Yes, it’s a lot for most people and they won’t mind giving their details in exchange for $1000 that they can spend in Walmart, the store that is available in almost every location in United States.

The offer is available on Adworkmedia, but also on all other major CPA Networks since Walmart does a lot of online marketing.

To reach right audience, we’ll use Facebook groups again. In this case, we’ll search for Yard Sales Facebook Groups. Members of these groups are always looking for cheap or free stuff, so it’s ideal audience. To make sure you get USA traffic to your offer, when searching for groups, don’t forget to search for: “Yard Sale New York, Yard Sale Chicago, Yard Sale Any City Name”.

When deciding which Yard Sale groups to join, make sure you join groups big enough that will bring you traffic, but also not too large since the large groups are spammed to death.

I’ll repeat again, to post on groups easily by using multiple profiles, you can use  JARVEE – Social Media Assistant.

To check all JARVEE’s Facebook Features and get 5 days free trial – click here.

Why you should use Pre Lander for CPA Offers?

As you may noticed, I kept saying, use pre-lander. It’s for 2 reasons. One of them is, obviously, to be able to promote your links.

The other one is something special that will help you increase your conversion rate for 5-10 times. Here’s what you need to do:

Let’s say you will promote Free NFL Jersey offer. So, get a domain. It can be cheap .info domain, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s related to your offer (niche). After getting domain, install wordpress on it (I assume you already have hosting plan).

Now let’s make official NFL page as your pre lander.

No, this doesn’t include hacking, we’re not going to promote any illegal activities but we are going to use a plugin that will make users think they’re on official NFL Shop page and shop is offering them free jersey. Who wouldn’t believe that, right? Well, you probably wouldn’t since you would actually check the URL in address bar and see it’s not official page, but ordinary users have no clue and do not check that kind of stuff.

So here’s the download link for the plugin: Download Page Jacker


Upload the plugin to your WP site, install and activate. Create new page. Then go to Jack Jacker settings in WP and create new Jack. There are couple of fields in Jack Jacker options.

You’ll see Select a WordPress page, select the page you just created.

I think screenshot speaks for itself. It’s up to you are you going to use bar text or only set color of it to match color of real website (the one you jacked). Personally, I do not like it and use only pop up. Now, the plugin doesn’t come with the pop up option, but here’s the simple code you can add to HTML field and you’ll get the pop up to show.

Here’s the code:

<!-- POP UP Start --><!-- <script src="//"></script> --> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#overlay').fadeIn(500,function(){ $('#popup').show(); }); $(".close").on('click', function() { $('#popup').hide(); $('#overlay').fadeOut(500); }); }); </script> <div id="overlay" style ="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; background: #000; opacity: 0.6; filter: alpha(opacity=60); z-index: 5; display: none"></div> <div id="popup" style="position:fixed; display:hidden; top:250px; left:50%; width:500px; height:auto; margin-left:-250px; background-color:#FFFFFF; z-index:6; padding:20px; border:solid 5px #2A1D9E; border-radius:5px;"> <a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER" class="close" style="display: block; float:right; position:relative; top:-15px; right: -15px; height: 20px; color:#FFFFFF;">X</a> <p style=color:#FFFFFF;"> </p> <p style="margin:0; padding:5px; text-align:justify;"> <a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER"><img class="aligncenter wp-image-21 size-full" src="URL OF IMAGE YOU WANT TO SHOW IN POP UP.jpg" alt="ALT TEXT" width="500" height="300" /></a> </p> <a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER" style="margin:0; padding:5px; text-align:right; float:right; color:#333333;">CALL TO ACTION TEXT CLICK HERE</a> </div> <!-- POP UP End -->

The field Jack Page Links should be set to YES so visitors are redirected to your offer whatever link they click on that website (even links outside of pop up) After you set up everything, visit the page to see how everything looks like, don’t forget to visit it from mobile phone too to see how it looks like there, maybe you’ll need to do some changes in the code (position) to put the popup window in the right place. That should be it. Simple and easy way to create efficient and convincing landing page. There’s nothing more convincing than “official NFL Shop” offering you a free jersey.

Wrapping it up

That would be it, now there’s nothing that’s stopping you to start earning within couple of hours. I would suggest you to try other two offers with Instagram too, since they could work nicely there, all you have to do is target your audience correctly. If you have questions about targeting, feel free to leave them in comments.

Now let’s repeat once again what you need.


  1. Willingness to work
  2. Instagram and Facebook Profiles

Optional but pretty important:

  1. Page Jacker I mentioned above
  2. Automation software for Facebook – My Recommendation: JARVEE – Social Media Assistant. It has everything you need for botting Instagram and Facebook, but also other social networks. There’s a 5 days free trial so you can check it out before buying.

In case you are wondering how JARVEE looks like, check screenshot below:

JARVEE - Social Media Bot

Happy Earnings!

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