Instagram Action Blocked – Like and Follow Blocks Solutions

You will hardly find Instagram marketer that haven’t got the disappointing message “This action was blocked. Try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community”. I experienced it myself too just like many others. The action block that can come as like block or follow block or both of these simultaneously can be a consequence of couple things that you’ve done wrong.

Doing too many actions can lead to Like and Follow blocks

Instagram has its limits which is perfectly normal. Just imagine if they let you follow 10 000’s of users and like 10 000’s of posts daily… Yes, it sounds good for you, but not for them since spammers would probably ruin this social network and you would never know real worth of some Instagram profile and whether engagement on it is real or faked. There’s too many fake followers and engagement even with the limits Instagram currently has.

Official limit is 60 follows per hour and 60 likes per hour. This bring us to total of 1440 follows per day and 1440 likes per day, however, never do this many actions. It’s obvious spam/bot behavior since there’s no real person that will stay awake for 24 hours each day and like 60 posts or follow 60 users.

Action Blocks solutions

Like and Follow Block solutions: Keep like and follows under 50 per hour. In case you use automation tool like Jarvee, this can be easily set up since Jarvee shows you average approximates at the top of follow and like tools tabs. Also make sure you don’t run these tools 24/7, always give them couple of hours of sleep time (ideally 4 – 5 hours). This can be applied to any other automation tool too or if you prefer doing actions manually, over your Instagram phone application. Make your account look as natural as possible. Don’t just follow and like, watch stories, post to your profile, comment and engage with your audience and other users. All this will help you to avoid like blocks and follow blocks. If you are Jarvee user, there are tools that can do all this for you so you don’t have to spend time doing it manually.

Like and Follow blocks – Reason: Bad proxy or IP

Some Instagram marketers, actually most of them, run multiple Instagram accounts. There are users who are managing 100’s accounts for themselves or for other people. These users are forced to use proxies. Recently, Instagram started to block actions that are done through proxies. This usually happens if you buy “bad proxy”, proxy that someone misused (used for spamming) before you got it. Just because you bought Private Proxy it doesn’t mean you are the only one who used it. However, you are the only one who is using those proxies at the moment.

Bad proxy solutions: Let proxy rest for a while, couple of days or a week, then try using it again with conservative settings. If your follow and like do not get any blocks immediately, wait for a day or two and then slowly start increasing number of actions each day.

Note: Action Block can occur on your real (residential) IP too. This is usually a consequence of running too many accounts on same IP address and/or doing too many actions on Instagram. If this happens, stop doing any actions on Instagram, rest your IP for 1-3 days. Instagram is less strict with residential IPs.

Badly created Instagram Accounts – Another reason for action block

As I mentioned above, marketers who run a lot of Instagram accounts tend to buy already created accounts from various sellers. The problem with action block on these accounts can be because of the process during account creation. The Instagram accounts providers who sell accounts create them in bulk, they don’t pay too much attention on IP while creating account so they might use same IP to create a lot of accounts. This is something that Instagram does not like at all and will probably lead to action blocks. Aside from IP, some of them also do not pay attention on device ID that is used to create Instagram account, but Instagram algorithm tracks all of this.

Solution: If buying accounts, always buy from reputable sellers on forums such as BlackHatWorld or MPSocial. Make sure you read reviews in the sales threads before you buy, these can be very helpful while you’re deciding which seller to choose. Also, pay attention to age of the account. Aged accounts, at least 6 months old are better than newly created accounts. If they have profile picture, bio, and couple of posts that’s even better. However, be careful, even if you buy aged accounts, make sure you warm them up, don’t start doing 100’s of actions per day, that can be seen as suspicious behavior by Instagram’s algorithm because these accounts were inactive for a while. Start slowly, then build your way up.

Something in Your Instagram Profile causes the block

It’s not unusual that something in your Instagram profile causes the block. Most commonly it’s the link you have there. For example, Instagram doesn’t like CPA (cost per action) links and will surely block you from doing actions if you use these. Also, if same link is used on multiple Instagram profiles that can lead to same issue. Other things that can cause blocks are “bad words”. Instagram’s algorithm is not fan of “free followers”, “game hacks” and other words that are mostly used by spammers who promote Cost Per Action offers or content locking. Adult content – bad words can also cause the follow and like blocks.

Solutions: Avoid the words in bio or post description that could trigger the alarm. If you are promoting CPA links, never link directly to your offers, always use cloaked links or use prelanders.

Final advises on getting rid of Action Blocked message and avoiding it

This is really simple. Do more marketing and less spam. Take care of your accounts, if you use automation tools such as Jarvee, make their actions look human-alike. Jarvee offers you bunch of tools that can be used in that purpose. Interact with your audience, don’t do too many actions and post quality content and I’m sure Action Blocks will be thing of the past.

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