How to Get 100% Real Instagram Followers?

There’s a one major mistake that a lot of Instagram users make when trying to increase their followers number. That’s definitely buying fake followers from various social media panels. Whatever you do, never buy Instagram followers.

The reason I’m saying this is simple: You’ll end up with 100’s or 1000’s of fake followers that will never engage with your posts. Imagine how bad it looks like when you have 5000 followers and get only 50 likes and 1 or 2 comments. It’s obvious that your followers aren’t real users. They are mostly fake or bot accounts.

A lot of users are making this beginner’s mistake so I decided to give you some tips on how to get 100% real followers that will like and comment on your posts and also help your account grow even more.

It’s a well known strategy that some Instagram users avoid to use. Continue reading to find out what I’m referring to and why this strategy isn’t bad as people might think.

Getting Instagram Followers by Follow / Unfollow method

Best known is Follow/Unfollow strategy. Let’s say you have account in Making Money niche and you want to get followers that are interested in this topic. What you need to do is find your competitors accounts and follow their followers. Of course, along with this, you will have to post quality, engaging content that will make them interested in your Instagram profile. So, when you follow follower of your competitor, that user will get notification that you’ve followed their profile and of course, they will check yours. Since people tend to give back the favor, they will follow your profile too, especially if they are interested in your content. There you go, you got yourself a real follower.

Average follow back rate is about 15-20%, so If you follow 100 users, you can expect to get 15-20 new followers. If you get higher follow back rate, that’s perfect. If you are in some non saturated niches follow back rate might go to 30-40%.

Now, how to scale this up?

Let’s say you want 200 or 300 new followers per day. You will have to follow about 1000 new users (followers of other profiles in your niche) in order to get to this number. This can be done manually via your Instagram phone application, but of course, you will have to spend a lot of time each day doing this, especially when we consider that Instagram has a follow limit of 60 per hour. If you do more, you could end up being blocked from following. Also, there’s max following limit of 7500 followings, so you will have to unfollow them at one point.

Following and then unfollowing users shouldn’t concern you. When you start unfollowing them, you will probably lose some, however, that’s normal. Those who followed you just to give back the favor and aren’t interested in your content will probably unfollow you too, but that’s nothing to worry about since that’s exactly type of people we don’t need as followers. They are not interested in your content and they will never engage with it, therefore, they’re just decreasing your engagement rate which doesn’t look good for your account.

As I already said, following and unfollowing 100s or 1000 users per day can be a hard task, however, there are tools that can automate this task for you and do everything on autopilot. Anyway, I’ll talk more about it at the end of this post.

Now let’s got to second strategy that will also bring you real and engaging followers.

Getting Instagram Followers by Liking posts

This method works in similar matter as follow/unfollow. What you have to do is find big accounts in your niche and like posts of their followers. Since they are already interested in the niche you are in, after you like their post or two, they will receive notification and probably follow you too and like couple of your posts (if you post quality content).

This strategy has lower follow back rate, but it’s safer and there’s less chance to lose followers since you won’t be following and unfollowing them. To get more attention from one user, its best to like 2 of their posts. Ideally, they should be random posts, not latest 2 since that tells them that you actually checked their profile and their older posts and that flatters them. It’s simple psychological trick.

When it comes to liking, Instagram lets you like more than 1200 posts per day, but you shouldn’t go over 1500 in order to stay safe from getting temporary like blocks. Limit is about 60-100 likes per hour.

Same as with Follow/Unfollow method, Like method will also take a lot of your time each day. But, as I said there are tools that can automate this task for you so you can spend your time doing something more important than holding your phone in your hands or sitting in front of your PC for entire day. So, let’s get to it.

Follow, Unfollow and Like automation on Instagram

There’s literally 100’s of tools online that offer these services. Some are really good, some decent, some will get your account banned since they do not work properly. However, when we talk about Instagram automation, there’s only one tool worth mentioning and that’s JARVEE – Social Media Automation Tool.

JARVEE offers complete automation for your Instagram account and it will grow your followers base on autopilot. All you need to do is set it up. Aside from automating the two methods I mentioned above, it also offers a lot of other tools so you can basically automate every single task on your Instagram account. Here are just some of JARVEE features:

  • Posts Scheduling
  • Auto Re-post
  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Follow-Back
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Auto Like
  • Auto Comment
  • Hashtag Research
  • Manage Your Direct Messages
  • Manage Comments
  • and many more features that you can check here.

Along with Instagram automation, JARVEE offers automation for other social networks too and the best thing it’s all incorporated in one easy to use software with great design and very advanced features. These are the social networks that JARVEE supports: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Tumblr, however, I will write more about each of them in my future posts, for now, you can read more about them here.

JARVEE also offers 5 days free trial, you can sign up for it here: JARVEE – Start 5 days free trial

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