Best Facebook Bot in 2018 – JARVEE

If you are looking for best Facebook bot that will automate your daily tasks on this huge social media network, tasks such as posting, commenting, liking, joining groups in your niche and other similar actions, then search no more, you’ve found Jarvee – Social Media Marketing and Automation tool, all in one bot that will help you automate each aspect of your Facebook marketing.

Jarvee bot Facebook Features

In next couple of paragraphs what Jarvee bot has to offer to you when it comes to Facebook Marketing Automation. I say Facebook marketing since Jarvee also supports Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr automation so it’s basically all in one bot that will help you build your social media empire, drive traffic to your website and get you new clients or sales.

Schedule and publish posts on auto

With Jarvee, you’re able to schedule your Facebook posts to profiles, pages, events or joined groups and publish them at the time you have specified. This way you will be 100% sure your posts are published at the times when your fans, friends or group members are most engaged.

Search for Facebook Groups in your niche and join them automatically

By using intelligent algorithm, Jarvee will find groups in your niche and automatically join them if you want to. It has best group finder and joiner on the market – guaranteed.

Auto-Share posts on your Groups

If you are into Facebook marketing, you already know power of Facebook groups and how much traffic and new fans they can bring you. Jarvee offers you option to automatically share posts from your Facebook pages or websites to groups that you’ve joined. This will surely increase your Facebook post’s reach, increase engagement on your posts and bring you new fans, therefore, new website visitors, potential clients and sales. Here’s how easy and still pretty precise you can schedule your group posts (screenshot below).


As you can see you have various options to choose from. This allows you to randomize posting so it looks human alike and not done by a bot. Still, you should be careful when posting to groups in order to avoid being blocked by Facebook. Up to 20 posts per account per day should be maximum.

Send Friend Requests on Auto

Jarvee will help you expand your audience by sending friend requests to Facebook users who are highly interested in your niche. Just run extract tool, extract users from groups and send them friend requests. This way whenever you publish something, they will see it in their newsfeed. Aside from that, you can add them to your own groups with Jarvee’s Invite to Groups tool or invite them to like your page/s with Jarvee’s Invite to Pages tool.

Jarvee’s Contact Tool

This tool allows you to search and extract members from Faceboko Groups, users who liked specific page or posts and users from Facebook search. After extracting, you can easily send them messages on auto with Jarvee’s Send Messages tool and this way get new potential clients and sales. An awesome tool that, if used correctly, can bring you a lot of benefits

Proxy support

In case you run multiple Facebook accounts, you don’t want to run them on same IP address since that leaves big footprint and you’re risking your accounts. However, there’s a solution for that too. Jarvee offers you proxy support so you can add different proxy for each of your accounts and avoid leaving traces that will help Facebook connect the dots. Your accounts will be completely safe.

To see other Facebook features, check this link: JARVEE – ALL FACEBOOK FEATURES

These were main features that I use in Jarvee bot and I can say they reduced my workload for 80%. Now I can focus on other things like creating content or whatever else I need to. As I said in the beginning, Jarvee also supports Instagram automation, that’s one of software’s main features. Aside from Instagram, you can use Jarvee to automate all actions on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ too.

Jarvee’s blazing fast support works 24/7 even on weekends and holidays and they usually respond and help you within 1 hour. Updates are released regularly, but not because the software is buggy, it’s most because social networks are changing stuff on their platforms a lot so Jarvee has to keep pace with them.

However, don’t trust my words, there’s 5 days free trial. To get 5 days free trial, just visit this link : Get JARVEE – 5 Days Free  choose any of the plans, enter your name and email and you’ll receive welcome message with login info and installation link to your email address.

No payment method is needed for free trial, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

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